The second stage of the investment project:

  • Extension of the passenger terminal up to 60 000 sq.m;
  • Construction of the building for the new hotel with conference center;
  • Modernization of utility systems and services.

Airport hotel

It is planned to build the modern hotel as a part of future development of the Kurumoch International airport. The unique potential for the development of the tourist flow and the increase in the volume of the business communications is created seeing the unique location of the airport – in the middle of Samara-Togliatti agglomeration – and availability of necessary infrastructure.

Managing company “Aeroporty regionov” has a successful experience in implementation of the development projects for airport hotels in Koltsovo (Yekaterinburg).

Planned characteristics of the hotel:

  • Hotel room capacity - 150–250 rooms
  • Total area - 14 000 sq.m
  • Conference area - 1 800 sq.m
Ключевые показатели

Express train «Samara – Kurumoch airport- Togliatti»


Organization of fast passenger railway communication between Samara, Kurumoch airport and Togliatti is the necessary condition of implementation of the strategic project of the Samara region – the development of Samara – Togliatti agglomeration.

The specific nature of the project involves the possibility to provide a good transport accessibility of the airport and the comfort for the airline passengers as well as to use the project as a part of “city electric train” (based on traffic-transfer hubs of Samara). CJSC Managing company “Aeroporty regionov”, PJSC “Kurumoch International Airport” and the Corporation with participation of international consultants have developed the forecast for passenger flow and business-plan for the project on organization of the fast railway communication on the route “Samara – Kurumoch airport – Togliatti”.



Modern airports are no longer just a part of aviation infrastructure. Now they are intermodal, multi-purpose enterprises which stimulate the development of commercial activity not only in the territory of the airport but also far beyond it. All services of the modern city center are now located in the airport areas and in adjoining territories. Regions having large airports are originally attractive centers of commercial activity that is not directly connected with the basic functions of the airport. Fast commercial development of the airports and adjoining territories is the main driving power for cities growth, where the airport becomes the center of employment, trade, commercial and entrepreneurial activities, collectively referred to as “aerotropolis”.

Potential for aerotropolis development in the territory of Kurumoch airport stems from its location between the two cores of Samara- Togliatti agglomeration (the third in terms of population in Russia).

Comprehensive approach is of crucial importance for successful aerotropolis; implementation of such project means solving the difficult large-scale issues, attraction of large investments and also requires coordination and participation of a number of interested parties. Creation of aerotropolis may ensure the strong social and economic development for the Samara region.