Summary about the Samara region

The total area: 53,6 thousand km2.

It borders on the Saratov and Ulyanovsk regions to the west, on the Orenburg region to the south-west, on the Republic of Tatarstan to the north and on Kazakhstan to the south.

The distance to Moscow: 1000 km.

Population: 3.2 million people. (2.7 million of them are in Samara-Togliatti agglomeration)

Climate: moderately continental

State languages: Russian

Main religions: Orthodox Christianity and Islam

The proportion of city population: 80 %

The administrative center: Samara city (population – 1.17 million people)

Time zone: UTC+4/MSK+1

The official Internet portal of the Samara region:

Natural resources

Water resources:

  • Volga River flows through the Samara region, the river is 364 km in length on the territory of the region. There are more than 220 rivers and minor streams with the total length of more than 6.5 thousand km, there are also more than 1000 reservoirs and ponds.
Лесные ресурсы

Forest resources:

  • 13% of the territory


  • oil (about 0.9 billion tons)
  • limestone (177.4 million tons)
  • clay (127.9 million m3)
  • sand (306.6 million tons)

Education and Science

The Samara region is the region with the high level of education and scientific potential and Samara is one of the largest educational centers in Russia.

Training of students in the region is conducted in more than 400 specialities for 19 sectors of economy. National Research University was established at the premises of Samara State Aerospace University named after academician S.P. Korolev.

Labor resources

69.5 %

Economically active

у 30 268

Average monthlysalary

у 9 672

Level of the subsistence

4.1 %

Unemployment rate


Higher education

26 100

(higher education)

10 400

(vocational secondary education)

6 place

place in the Russian Federation in terms
of the labor forces potential (RA Expert)

Sports events

FIFA World Cup 2018

The concept of FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia included hosting matches on 12 football stadiums in 11 cities. Samara hosted matches at a group stage, including the match of the Russian national football team, stages 1/8 and 1/4 of play-off matches of FIFA World Cup.

Спортивные мероприятия

Industrial capacity

About 800 large and medium industrial enterprises are operating in the Samara region. The share of manufacturing industry in the Gross Regional Product is more than 44%.

The volume of industrial products amounted to 1365.4 billion rubles, or 109.1% compared to 2016. According to the average per capita volume of industrial production, the Samara region stably ranks the 5th place in Privolzhsky Federal District.

The leading positions are held by the production of transportation vehicles and equipment, extraction of minerals, chemical industry.


Agroindustrial complex

Agroindustrial complex of the Samara region is the economic system where 559 agricultural enterprises, 1951 peasant farms, 290.3 thousand private subsidiary farms and about 780 food, processing companies and enterprises are operating.

There are more than 4 million ha of agricultural land in the Samara region. A share of farm area in the agricultural land – 3.8 million ha (more than 7% of farm areas in Privolzhsky Federal District).

Агропромышленный комплекс

The share of agricultural products in the national production is 2%, in Privolzhsky Federal District production – 8.5%. In the structure of gross output of agriculture, crop production makes 70% and livestock products make 30%. Crop production sector specializes in growing the grain, oil-crop and forage crops, potatoes, vegetables and fruit and berry crops. Livestock breeding in the region specializes in dairy and beef cattle breeding, pig breeding, sheep breeding and poultry breeding.

Transport infrastructure

The Samara region is located at the intersection of the main transport arteries: railway (The Trans-Siberian Railway), water (Volga river with the access to the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea, Moscow adjacent areas and the Baltic Sea) and the Federal route M-5 “Ural”. 98% of federal motorways and 99.9% of regional motorways have hard surface.

The international airport Kurumoch (which has the federal significance), airports Smishlyaevka, Bezimyanka, Kryazh, Rozhdestveno are located in the region.

Three river ports operate in the Samara region (in Samara, Togliatti and Syzran).

Oil pipeline “Druzhba” goes through the territory of the region. The total length of pipelines in the territory of the region is about 2 thousand km. The basis of infrastructure is the major pipelines of a big diameter (1420 and 1220 mm), which are used for transportation of oil and gas from the Siberia and the Middle Asia to the central regions of the Russian Federation and abroad. The share of pipeline transport constitutes about 50 % of all cargo traffic in the Samara region.

300 km – the length of the section of major ammonia pipe Togliatti – Odessa goes through the region.


There are more than 230 hotels, 40 recreation camps and 20 health resorts in the territory of the Samara region. The health resort “Volzhsky Utes” many times has been a venue for important international meetings.

There are more than 200 natural landmarks in the region, including the national parks “Samarskaya Luka” and “Buzuluksky Bor”, Zhigulevsky State Nature Conservation Zone named after I.I. Sprygin.


Economic indicators

у 1 389.9 billion.

(estimation of 2017)

$ 4.8 billion.


у 253 billion.

(estimation of 2017)

Investment grade ratings

  • In 2016 the agency “Expert RA” published the rating of investment attractiveness of the Russian regions. The agency “Expert RA” constantly includes the Samara region in the group of regions with the average potential and minimal risk – “2B”. According to this rating the Samara region takes the 19th place among 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation in terms of the level of investment risk, and the 12th place in terms of investment potential.
  • The National Rating Agency estimates the Samara region as the region with the high level of investment attractiveness. According to the rating of investment attractiveness of the Russian regions 2017, the Samara region is in group IC3 (high investment attractiveness – the third level).

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