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Transparent and clear "rules of the game" are attracted investors in Samara region

27.10.2017 Source: Author: Olga Novikova

Samara region has become one of the leaders of the rating of PwC that ranked regions of the Russian Federation in dependence of effectiveness of the tax policy. The region divides the 9-10 place with Amur oblast with mark in 133,5 points.

"First of all, it evidences about effectiveness of the work of civil services in the region – the Federal tax service of Samara region, the Federal Service for State registration, Cadastre and Cartography of Samara region, - Vice Rector of Samara State Technical University, Candidate of Economics Science Evgeny Frank comments. – Cooperative work of these services with the Government of Samara region gives fruits.

It is necessary to systematise and put on balance the tax base to collect taxes. Second of all, effectiveness of the tax policy directly depends on the work of the regional governance, enlargement of the tax base due to growth of quality and increase of profitability of business, strengthening of its material and technical base and also increase of salary of citizens of Samara region.

The highly collection of taxes is certainly a positive tendency. It means that more money stays on social and infrastructure projects in the budget of the region. And for the external players like large investors and federal governance good positions in the rating of effectiveness of the tax policy evidence that region has transparent and clear "rules of the game", distinctly set mechanisms of interaction of business and governance. It uniquely rises investment attractiveness.

Last few years a great positive development of economic processes of the region is obviously even for non-experts. New organisations open, investors come to the Samara region, companies expand its work. Preparing to the FIFA World Cup played a big role – it gave a synergy effect that stimulate development of the infrastructure. And now and further it is very important to save these growth rates, become a center of attraction for the federal sports, social, business events, relying on built infrastructure. Samara region has all capabilities for it".