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Italian investments in the stock breeding of the Samara region


Nekrasov R.V., First Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Samara Region, and Soyfer M.V., General Director of OJSC ‘Samara Region Development Corporation’, held a meeting on 11th May, 2018 with representatives of Italian agribusiness that are organizers of the investment company LLC ‘Samarskiye proyekty’.

The question about possibility of joint implementation of the construction of the stock breeding complex for 2,400 head of dairy cattle that developed by OJSC ‘Samara Region Development Corporation’ discussed on the meeting.

The project implies the construction of the stock breeding dairy complex and equipping of it with modern high-tech equipment. Currently, specialists of OJSC ‘Samara Region Development Corporation’ are being developed the scheme of parties' participation in the projec, the amount of design work is being studied.