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The second stage of special economic zone «Togliatti» was launched

18.10.2017 Source: Website of special economic zone «Togliatti»

Today the second stage of the infrastructure of Special Economic Zone «Togliatti» was launched. At present, 427 hectares of the territory of Special Economic Zone (it is 70% of the area) is provided by energy resources that are necessary to connect almost any production from various industries.

The construction of the infrastructure of the territory of the second stage began on February, 2015. General contractor was LLC «SK Evroalyans» that won open call for proposals. At all, general contractor paved about 250 km of various communications and more than 7 km of roads on that territory (it is approximately the distance from Togliatti to Samara and backward).

Recall that the total area of Special Economic Zone «Togliatti» is 660 hectares. In mind of large enough area and tight deadlines of realization of the project, it was decided to build the territory in three stages. Thereby of that, opportunity to launch the first production of the resident was provided already after two years after active construction starts. Nowadays, 7 hactories are working in Special Economic Zone «Togliatti». Total investment is 17.2 bln rubles. Of these, about 8 bln rubles is the money that spent on building infrastructure.