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Representatives of Samara Region Development Corporation took part in the conference of the Central Bank of Russia dedicated to the development of the regional corporate bonds market


August 15-16, 2017 in Volga-Vyatka Main Branch of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in Nizhny Novgorod was hosted a conference dedicated to the development of the regional market of corporate bonds. Representatives of the central apparatus and territorial offices of the Bank of Russia, government authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, as well as participants of the financial market, representatives of enterprises in the real economy and regional development institutions were attended in the conference.

The main topic of discussion was the key directions and ways of the effective using of the instrument of bond borrowing. About a third of the total Russian bonds issue was accounted in the Volga Federal District. Over its history, the Samara region has conducted over 13 bond issues, which is the largest number among all regions of the Volga Federal District. The Samara region is also the sole leader among the subjects of the Volga Federal District in the bond market of enterprises in the real sector of the economy. During 2016, 4 enterprises placed bonds worth over 64 billion rubles.

The development of the bond market is one of the strategic goals of the Bank of Russia, which is marked in the «Guidelines for the Development of Financial Markets for the Period 2016-2018». The conference in Nizhny Novgorod was organised to increase the awareness of representatives of organisations in the regions about possible actions in the bond market and the development of this tool to attract borrowed funds.