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Nikolay Merkushkin discussed the situation in agriculture with the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and the CEO of Samara Region Development Corporation

11.07.2017 Source: Volga News Author: Dmitry Bykov

Julia Rubtsova

The situation in the agriculture of the region, the construction of the poultry complex in the Segievsky district and the results of the participation of the Samara delegation in the All-Russian field day in Kazan became the main topics of the working meeting of the Governor Nikolay Merkushkin with the Minister of Agriculture and Food Alexey Popov and the CEO of Samara Region Development Corporation Andrey Novikov.

As Aleksey Popov reported to the head of the region, the weather conditions made serious adjustments to the work of agricultural producers and led to certain losses. According to him, there are areas in the region where are 3.5-month rainfall fell in June, and night-time cold does not allow developing crops such as corn and sunflower to fully develop. Nevertheless, the Minister characterised the general position as difficult, but not critical.

"Condition of winter crops is very good (mass, set of ears), but recent disasters, in particular, a hurricane, caused damage. We are now preparing the technique for various harvesting options. Perhaps, everything will have to be done in the same weather conditions in which we are located. Therefore, in full we prepare also warehouses and grain drying equipment, otherwise we will not save the harvest", said Alexey Popov.

In turn, the head of Samara Region Development Corporation, Andrey Novikov, told the Governor that the region is continuing to return land to agricultural turnover. We emphasise that over the past 4 years more than half a million hectares of land have been returned to the region's agricultural turnover.

According to the head of the corporation, recently only in Bogatovsky and Borsky districts of the region 4 thousand hectares of land have been returned to the circulation. Three thousand of them are cultivated and sown, a thousand hectares are prepared for sowing winter crops. According to Andrey Novikov, another 1,000 hectares of land in these areas will be put into agricultural turnover in the near future.

Discussed at the meeting also the progress of the construction of a strategic facility for the region - the poultry complex in the Segievsky district. It was emphasised that a number of large Russian companies and banking structures are considering the possibility of investing in the completion of the construction of the factory.

Recall, on the area of the company the construction of poultry houses, incubators for eggs, slaughter house and deep processing shop are planned. The complex will also include a feed mill and an elevator in the village Kabanovka, Kinel-Cherkassky district.

In particular, Alexey Popov and Andrey Novikov informed the head of the region about the progress of construction of the elevator in Kabanovka. It was noted that the elevator, as an independent object, is necessary not only for the poultry complex in the Segievsky district, but also important in the scope of the region.

"The construction of the poultry complex in the Segvievsky district is extremely important. A large, completed facility that works will always be interesting to any investor," summarized Nikolay Merkushkin.

It should be noted that the head of the regional Ministry of Agriculture conducted negotiations with the potential investor of the poultry complex in the Segievsky district at the All-Russian field day - 2017, which ended in Kazan one of these days ago. Alexey Popov emphasised that the company, which is considering investing, is now concentrating its assets in the Volga region and is interested in participating in agricultural projects in the Samara region.

In general, according to the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Field Day in Kazan for the Samara region was successful. The region at the exhibition within the framework of the holiday presented a collective exposition where the leading organisations of the agro-industrial complex of the region and agricultural producers of all areas exposed their products and services.

The Samara exposition was highly appreciated by the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev and the Minister of Agriculture of China Han Changfu. Alexey Popov told the federal minister that the Samara products and developments presented at the exhibition are very popular and have a demand by many agricultural producers throughout Russia due to the consistently high quality, technological novelty and orientation to the needs and demands of farmers.

"We signed more than 20 contracts for the supply of various types of equipment, and in general the exposition of the region was recognised as one of the best and received a medal of the All-Russian Field Day," said the head of the regional Ministry of Agriculture at the end of the working meeting with the Governor Nikolay Merkushkin.