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Mikhail Babich officially visited being reconstructed Kurumoch International Airport

13.04.2017 Source: Volga News Author: Maksim Romashov

Photo: Dmitry Burlakov

On Thursday (the 13th of April) the plenipotentiary of the Russian president in the Volga Federal District Mikhail Babich is on a working visit to the Samara Region. Immediately after he had arrived at Kurumoch International Airport, the presidential plenipotentiary and the governor Nikolai Merkushkin inspected the new air terminal complex.

One of the important directions of airport reconstruction is the modernization of the airfield part: reconstruction of the runways, taxiways and a platform. Mikhail Babich and Nikolai Merkushkin got acquainted with such works.

The representative of the contractor company explained to the plenipotentiary representative of the president and to the governor that the construction works of the second runway are completed. The testing flights will already be in summer. Also in the summer, there will be completed the works on the eastern platform of the airport.

"Are there any serious problems for the functioning of the airport because of ongoing works?" - asked Mikhail Babich. He was informed that there might be some insufficient changes of the flight timetable.

"When is it planned to complete all the on site works?" - clarified the plenipotentiary. The contractor explained that the works will be completed according to the schedule in December of 2017.

Besides, Mikhail Babich and Nikolai Merkushkin visited the site where the brand new rescue station is constructed, which will provide safety of the second runway.

It is necessary to emphasize that the brand new airport complex Kurumoch has become the first successful greenfield project implemented as a part of transport infrastructure preparation for 2018 FIFA World Cup. Its construction is a good example of effective public-private partnership: the project was implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Samara region and Renova Group.

The construction of brand new airport complex began in July of 2013 and it took less than a year and a half. Brand new airport building was opened in February of 2015. Updated Kurumoch can handle more than 3.5m passengers per year.

The area of the passenger’s terminal is 42.6 thousand square meters and it is four times larger than the old terminal. Kurumoch has two runways, 52 aircraft stands. Seven jet bridges and six exits to the buses allow simultaneous landing on 12 aircrafts, they can pilot to the terminal without use of towing tractors.

Currently new airport terminal capacity is more than 1,400 passengers per hour. Airport’s reconstruction is carried out according to the federal target programme for the development of the Russian transport system for 2010-2020.