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Kurumoch Airport is recognized as the best in the country for the convenience of registering and claiming of a baggage, the level of its staff and cleanliness

24.11.2016 Source: Volga News Author: Alexey Dmitrenko

Website Skyscanner (searching of flights, hotels and car rental services) conducted a survey among independent travelers from Russia and has found out what they consider under the best airports of the country. Over 1,700 respondents assessed 20 largest airports in accordance with 9 parameters.

The absolute record holders of the rating are the updated air harbors of Ekaterinburg and Samara, which took the first or the second place in each of the rated categories. In particular, the Koltsovo airport received the highest marks for check-in, security check passage, the level of cafes and restaurants, shopping opportunities, comfort of departure hall and overall mood. Kurumoch is the best in convenience of registering and claiming of a baggage, in the level of personnel’s qualification and in cleanliness of the airport.

Pulkovo Airport (in Saint Petersburg) took the third place of the ranking. The fourth place with a narrow margin from three leaders holds the Sochi airport.

"Our survey showed that it is not necessarily be the largest airport in the country, in order to deserve the best marks from the passengers, - says Dmitry Havansky, PR manager of Skyscanner in Russia. – Regional airports more advanatageous because of less tense atmosphere, and, of course, modernization of the airports (also as a part of preparation to hosting of 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia) has crucial importance. After the World Cup these airports will not be also idle due to the growing demand for domestic tourism."