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“Samara Region Development Corporation” OJSC took part in International Investment Forum “Samara platform for business development”



Representatives of “Samara Region Development Corporation” OJSC took part in V International Investment Forum “Samara platform for business development”.

General Director of the Corporation Olga Serova spoke at the plenary meeting. Her report was dedicated to the experience gained by the Corporation during the implementation of the project on attracting private investments to Kurumoch International Airport development. Stages of project implementation, starting from its structuring and finishing by conducting investor selection procedure and signing of the investment agreement, were exhaustively covered in the report. Specific attention was given to the problems of improving federal and regional legislation in the field of investment activity.

Besides that, a round table “Development of transport and logistics potential of the region” was organized by the Corporation in association with Administration of urban district Samara. Representatives of the Government of the Samara region, Administration of urban district Samara, municipal enterprises as well as representatives of commercial companies of transport and logistics field took part in the event. Head of Department of transport and logistics infrastructure of “Samara Region Development Corporation” OJSC Andrey Novikov and partner of company “Ernst and Young” Ilya Sedov became the moderators of the round table.

Participants of the round table discussed the role of private business in development of transport and logistics infrastructure of the region, forms of investment attraction and implementation of the investment projects in the field of transport and logistics infrastructure as well as effective forms of cooperation, issues on alignment of the goals of government authorities and private investors during the implementation of the projects.

Modern transport and logistics infrastructure is the necessary condition of development and catalyst factor for increasing the investment attractiveness of the region. Unfortunately, existing infrastructure of the Samara region makes it impossible to realize in full the available potential connected, first of all, with exceptionally beneficial geographical location of the region.

Attraction of private investments will let solve this problem in some extent. According to the partner of company “Ernst and Young” Ilya Sedov, interest to such investment exists: “According to different estimations, it is necessary to invest more than 40 trillion rubles in Russian infrastructure during the next 10 years. More than a half of these funds should be invested in transport infrastructure. Some large projects based on private public partnership are now being implemented in Russia (development of Pulkovo airport, construction of automobile road Moscow – St. Petersburg and entering to Moscow Automobile Ring Road from federal route M-1 “Belarus” etc.) Tenders on projects on construction of Western hi-speed diameter road in St. Petersburg, automobile roads M4-Don, M-10, airports of Samara, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk were carried out in 2011. It is planned to carry out a number of PPP tenders on infrastructure projects in 2012.

Continuing on the topic, head of directorate of logistics and information technologies development of the Ministry of Transport and Highways of the Samara region Sergey Radin reported that by now company “DB International GmBH” (division of concern DB GA – German railway roads) developed business-plan of the project on development of terminal logistic centers in the territory of the Samara region. The amount of necessary investments is 64 billion rubles. Also promising projects on development of regional transportation system such as reconstruction of automobile roads of regional significance and reconstruction of adjacent plots of federal route M5 “Ural” were presented.

Head of Directorate of analytics and forecasting of the Ministry of Transport and Highways of the Samara region Vadim Vlasov presented in his speech the projects on reconstruction of road system of the Samara region: construction of automobile road “Highway route “Center- Povolzhye – Ural” with bridge across Volga river” as well as bridge crossings “Kirovsky” and “Frunzensky”, main highway “Central”. Within the preparation for hosting matches of World Cup in 20018 in the territory of the region, it is planned to reconstruct bridge crossing across Sok river, highway Volzhsky – Kurumoch, Krasnoglinskoe and Volzhskoe road-ways, to continue construction and reconstruction of Solnechnaya street within Demokraticheskaya st. and XXII Partsyezda st., as well as to reconstruct the road sections on Novo-Sadovaya st. and South bypass road.

During his speech, Head of Transport department of Administration of urban district Samara Dmitry Polulyah continued to speak about preparation for organization of transportation servicing of World Cup in Samara. Currently, the necessity of renewal of rolling stock of public transport, especially of rail transport – tram and underground, as well as the development of light rail transport is being discussed with the purpose of providing efficient transportation of residents and guests of Samara city during hosting the World Cup. Specific attention shall be given to the development of intermodal transportation in order to create comfortable transfer hubs, including in the area of spots facilities location.

General Director of “Samarskie kanatnye dorogi” CJSC Aleksandr Kozlovsky told about the prospects of implementation of the projects on construction city cableways. The main advantage of cableways is that they could flexibly react on fluctuation of passenger flow and also they are compatible with other means of public transport because hub stops make it possible to change to another cableway or another means of public transport.